Dashlane: How Crucial are Passwords for Your Internet Security?

The web is evolving in terms of its security arrangements to provide you the best of Internet security. There is no second thought on accepting that in the last decade, the Internet got expanded through its positive as well as negative horizons. If, on one side, the online security threats have increased, there on another side even the web security arrangements have got strengthened.

Internet security

Talks about enhanced and strengthened Internet security aspects are incomplete without mentioning about the latest password management tools such as Dashlane. In simple word, it is a software application that stores and organizes passwords. But, this password management tool has much more in-depth functions that are very crucial for your overall Internet security.

The Need of Using the Best Password Manager

While you use various Internet services including email clients, chat messengers, social networking sites, e-commerce sites, etc., you do upload a lot of personal data on the web. As you know, the web is accessible to everyone, so once the personal information gets uploaded on the web, it gets open to breaching. Thus, to protect online personal data, today you have password security provisions on every website. Passwords keep all your personal sensitive data secured from others.

Vulnerability of Passwords

But even the password security is vulnerable because there are several ways through which cyber bullies can hack your login details. That arises the need of keeping strong and long passwords that others can’t guess easily. Also to that one must not use the same password for different online accounts and also should continue changing the passcodes after a duration of 3-4 months.

Too Many Obligations of Safe Password Keeping

The obligations of safe password keeping demand a lot of memorization, because you are not allowed to use the same passcode for different accounts. You also need to change the passcodes of the individual accounts at a regular interval. Memorizing the complex and long passwords for so many online accounts is humanly not possible. So, what will you do for your password keeping?

Security Weakness

DashlaneYou will either store these passcodes in a diary or write them on your computer’s sticky-notes or save it on an email draft or let your browser memorize the passwords for you. Saving the passcodes in the browser is often seen as the most secure and easy way as it excuses you from the pain of retyping the passwords whenever you want to login.

But all the methods of password keeping mentioned above have major security weakness. The sticky notes on your computer or the diary are risky because if someone gets access to your computer, he will get access to your entire secret login credentials. Similarly, even letting your browser save the login credentials is not safe because one can easily view the encrypted passwords from the browser’s settings. He just needs to click on the ‘Show’ button in the preferences tab and the saved login credentials will get revealed.

Is Dashlane of Any Help?

So by far, you must have understood the need, obligations and intricacies attached to safe password keeping. If you wish to keep your login credentials secret from online hackers as well as those who can access your PC physically, then you need something as powerful and effective as Dashlane. It is the best password manager because it creates a whole password database for all your online accounts, and you can easily access this database from one master key.

Read below to learn the features and advantages of this password management tool:

Advantages of Dashlane

  • It creates complex, strong, long and unique password for each of your online account
  • Next, it creates a password database, where all your login credentials will remain saved in an encrypted format
  • The tool stores all your login credentials locally, which means even if the server of the tool gets hacked, no one will be able to fetch your passwords. It happens because they are not uploaded on the web.
  • To access the password database from your other devices, you need to sync those devices with the app and then install the app on each device. Downloading and installing the app is not a fight because it’s free software.
  • The tool safeguards your entire login credentials, and the next, major advantage of this app is that you don’t even require memorizing your passcodes.
  • The tool provides you one master password, which you only will know. This master password doesn’t get saved locally or online, so you must not forget or lose it under any circumstances.
  • Whenever, you have to login to any website, you just require typing the master password. And then the tool will automatically extract the relevant login credentials for that website from its password database and will autofill it for you. Thus, you will get easily logged in without having to type your username or long and complex password.


Thus, if web security is essential for you, then you must be able to realize the need of password safe keeping. Once you become conscious about safe password keeping, you will certainly look for the best password manager and Dashlane is a good choice. It’s a free app and works within a framework that ensures complete safety and convenience for its users.

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